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East Valley High School News

  • East Valley School District Parents, Guardians and Patrons:


    As you are all aware, our region is currently experiencing a rash of anonymous threats and harassing social media messages regarding the "Scary Clown" phenomena.  This epidemic has been working its way across the United States since August and has now arrived at our doorstep.


    Our local Educational Service District 105 has been in touch with the Washington Fusion Center (the primary intelligence gathering body in Washington State) and local law enforcement and researched this issue and there are no indications of any viable threats.  To date, all arrests across the country related to this issue have been few in number and for minor incidents (usually just for making threats of harm).


    Further information regarding the Scary Clown phenomena can be found from these credible sources:





    All threats of violence should be treated seriously.  At East Valley School District, we have security measures in place and are on heightened alert to ensure the safety of all of our students. 


    The East Valley School District is working with the ESD 105 School Safety Operations & Coordination Center (SSOCC) to continue monitoring the situation and track social media using their social media intelligence tools. 


    We will act accordingly as we receive updates from our law enforcement partners.


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  • Padres, tutores, y patrocinadores del distrito escolar de East Valley:


    Como todos usted saben, nuestra región está actualmente experimentando una serie de amenazas anónimas y mensajes de acoso de los medios social en relación con los fenómenos de "payaso asustadizo". Esta epidemia ha estado trabajando a través de los Estados Unidos desde agosto y ahora ha llegado a nuestra puerta.


    Nuestro Distrito de Servicio Educativo local de 105 ha estado en contacto con el Centro de Fusión de Washington (la inteligencia primaria reunión de grupo del estado de Washington) y las autoridades locales e investigado este asunto y no hay indicios de ningunas amenazas viables. Hasta la fecha, todos los detenidos en todo el país relacionadas con este asunto han sido pocos en número y por incidentes menores (por lo general sólo para hacer amenazas de daño).


    Más información con respecto de los fenómenos de payaso espantoso puede encontrarse desde estas fuentes creíbles:





    Todas las amenazas de violencia deben ser tratadas con seriedad. En el distrito escolar de East Valley, tenemos medidas de seguridad en su lugar y estamos en alerta máxima para garantizar la seguridad de todos nuestros estudiantes.


    El distrito escolar de East Valley está trabajando con el ESD 105 Seguridad de la Escuela de Operaciones y Coordinación Center (SSOCC) para continuar monitoreando la situación y seguir los medios de comunicación social, utilizando sus herramientas de inteligencia de las redes sociales.   


    Vamos a actuar en consecuencia como recibamos las actualizaciones de nuestros socios policiales.

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  • Lock Down Protocols


    Thank you to all of you who have made calls of concerns regarding yesterday's lockdown.  As a result of this incident, the district is working to install a security system, much like the ones at all the other schools in the district, that require all visitors to the school to check in before entering the main building.  In addition to that, we are going to use our School Messenger system to send messages should we go into a lock down situation. We want to keep the line of communication open with all of our families.  You must understand, however, that our first priority is to make sure that all of our students and staff are safe.

    I would also like to address all of the rumors that are flying around about what happened yesterday.  Unlike what was reported on a local news station, we did NOT have a violent fight on campus.  There was no type of altercation at all.  We went into lockdown because we had two non-student intruders on our campus who were with an agitated family member of a student.  They were agitated because they had misinformation about an alleged situation. Rather than risk that students might come to the office and  be caught in the turmoil these people were causing, we went into a lock down and the police were called.  Students were kept in a lock down until the police dealt with the people and they were off the campus.

    If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call the school.

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    At approximately 1:00 p.m. today a potential safety concern occurred at the high school that caused us to put East Valley High School, East Valley Central Middle School and East Valley Elementary School in to lockdown.  The three schools were released from lockdown 20 minutes later and school operations returned to normal.  Please understand that when a potential safety concern is presented in any of our schools, the district responds with extreme caution to protect the safety of our children.  

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    There is a dress code at EVHS and it needs to be followed. As fashion changes, there are a few things that need further clarification in our dress code that is in the student handbook students received the first week of school –this is not the entire dress code, but parts that are important. It is our hope that the information below will help you and your shop so your student dresses appropriately for the educational environment.



    Short pants (shorts)– inseam measurement must be at least 5 inches. (Inseam is the measurement from the crotch seam of the garment to the end of the leg fabric on the inside of the leg.) No holes/rips/or tears. Running shorts are not acceptable.

    Jeans/pants– if the jeans/pants have holes/rips/tears in them, the holes/rips/tearsmay not be higherthan mid thigh.

    Dresses/skirts– Dressesmustmeet the same requirements for tops and the length of a skirt or a dress must be one inch below the tips of the fingers when arms are relaxed at your side.

    Tops– Excessively revealing tops (those that exposeanyamountof cleavage), exposed underwear (bras/camisoles), tube tops, halter tops, off the shoulder tops, tops that expose the midriff or back, sheer or see through clothing are not allowed. The width of straps on the shoulder of a top must be at least 2 finger widths wide. Racer back tops with at least 7 inches of coverage in the back and no straps showing are allowed.


    Pants– No holes in pants or shorts between mid thigh and waist. No undergarments are to be showing.

    Shirts– No muscle shirts or tank tops that are cut low under the arm are allowed.



    Footwear– Required at all times.

    Sunglasses– No dark sunglasses unless prescribed by a doctor, are to be worn inside the building.

    Pajamas– Not appropriate for an educational setting.

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  • Lunch prices have increased for the 2016-2017 school year as follows:

    K-5:    $2.60

    6-8:    $2.80

    9-12:  $2.85

    Breakfast, Milk, and Adult meal prices will all stay the same as last year.

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