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East Valley High School News

  • EVHS College Week, College Fair & Financial Aid Workshops Assist Students

    GEAR UP Director, Christina Bazaldua and EVHS counselors Wendy Ross, Natalie Eaton and Dawn Young collaborated to sponsor College & Career Week from October 5th through 9th at EVHS. A variety of activities encouraged students to look beyond the present to consider post high school training opportunities. All week long staff were encouraged to wear college apparel. Monday college pennants from their perspective colleges were hung outside each teacher or staff person’s door. Tuesday students interviewed staff during class time regarding their own college experiences. Wednesday GEAR UP began their LAUNCH program with a motivational speaker (Mr. Miguel Bazaldua) during lunch in the library. This program is on-going now, occurring the first Wednesday of each month in the library. On Thursday and Friday students completed a college/career options  “Admission Ticket” to gain entry into the College Fair, which was held Friday, October 9th during fifth and sixth periods. As well, student services staff were available during lunch during this week to help students set up an account at thewashboard.org, which is a scholarship search engine.

    At the fair, 24 representatives from various colleges and institutions showcased their programs in the EHVS gymnasium. All students, grades nine through twelve, and their parents, were invited to explore options including community colleges, apprenticeship programs, military options, technical colleges and universities. Representatives shared information about what programs they offered, how and when to apply and the cost of attending. Students were able to connect with admissions officers, making their options come alive.

    Every senior and parent were scheduled for senior conferences with their respective counselor during the months of October and November. These conferences focused on what each student needed to do to graduate, what he or she planned to do after high school, and how to achieve that goal. College Chat meetings through GEAR UP were scheduled with sophomores and juniors. Evening appointments continue to be available on Tuesdays and Thursdays until 6:00 p.m. Parents are encouraged to contact Christina Bazaldua at 573-7478 to schedule a College Chat if desired.

    On Thursday, December 3, students and parents are invited to attend EVHS Financial Aid/Scholarship Night from 7 - 8 p.m.  The Spanish presentation will be in room 115 and the English presentation will be in the auditorium.  Mateo Arteaga, director of the Educational Opportunity Center for CWU (at YVCC), and his staff, will guide parents and students through the process of how to apply for the FAFSA (free application for federal student aid), a must for students who are applying for college scholarships, despite their family’s income level. There will be an overview of how to apply for scholarships, as well. Students and parents are encouraged to access specific scholarship information on the EVHS website, clicking on the “academics” tab and then “scholarship list”. 

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    There is a dress code at EVHS and it needs to be followed. As fashion changes, there are a few things that need further clarification in our dress code that is in the student handbook students received the first week of school –this is not the entire dress code, but parts that are important. It is our hope that the information below will help you and your shop so your student dresses appropriately for the educational environment.



    Short pants (shorts)– inseam measurement must be at least 5 inches. (Inseam is the measurement from the crotch seam of the garment to the end of the leg fabric on the inside of the leg.) No holes/rips/or tears. Running shorts are not acceptable.

    Jeans/pants– if the jeans/pants have holes/rips/tears in them, the holes/rips/tearsmay not be higherthan mid thigh.

    Dresses/skirts– Dressesmustmeet the same requirements for tops and the length of a skirt or a dress must be one inch below the tips of the fingers when arms are relaxed at your side.

    Tops– Excessively revealing tops (those that exposeanyamountof cleavage), exposed underwear (bras/camisoles), tube tops, halter tops, off the shoulder tops, tops that expose the midriff or back, sheer or see through clothing are not allowed. The width of straps on the shoulder of a top must be at least 2 finger widths wide. Racer back tops with at least 7 inches of coverage in the back and no straps showing are allowed.


    Pants– No holes in pants or shorts between mid thigh and waist. No undergarments are to be showing.

    Shirts– No muscle shirts or tank tops that are cut low under the arm are allowed.



    Footwear– Required at all times.

    Sunglasses– No dark sunglasses unless prescribed by a doctor, are to be worn inside the building.

    Pajamas– Not appropriate for an educational setting.

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